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Curry leaves      Green Long Chilli
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Welcome to Sundine Produce!

Sundine Produce Inc. is a fresh produce distributor located in Toronto, Canada and Union Gap, USA. Because of our relentless commitment for the best quality of produce, we are known for our quality and service.

We serve retailers, distributors, restaurants. We also specialize in exotic fruits and vegetables from Asia.

Customer service is what sets us apart from our competition. We believe that the customer is always right. And, we constantly strive to establish a long term relationship with our customers.

Service, quality, consistency and fair-price has been the foundation principles of Sundine Produce. We place highest importance on personal contact with our customers. Our customers are treated to their satisfaction.

We service our customers 365 days a year. Produce is purchased from different countries such as Dominican Republic, India, US, Canada and several other places.